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Free popular mod for FNF

The Tricky Mod for Friday Night Funkin’ is a free modification that was made by the members of the Friday Night Funkin’ community. The Tricky Mod lets you challenge Tricky the Clown in a musical battle. The Tricky Mod is only available in the single-player mode.

While most of the gameplay remains the same across the mods, the characters, music, and scenery changes. Additional mods for Friday Night Funkin’ include Friday Night Fever, V.S. Whitty, Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle, V.S. Sky, Sunday, and V.S. Nonsense. The original FNF has a simple storyline, that each of the mods adds to.

What is Tricky from FNF?

Since the original Friday Night Funkin’ is free and open-source, players that can code develop modifications to customize the gaming experience. The Tricky Mod is a well-known mod that gives you additional battles with Tricky the Clown during four distinct rounds. Tricky the Clown shapeshifts as the battle progresses.

A fair warning is due since the game has intense visuals. Tricky the Clown can be scary to look at, especially for children. Gun violence is another unfortunate factor that the Tricky Mod includes. Girlfriend is shown tied up while still smiling in the third round, which is an insensitive addition.

If you can mentally acknowledge and simultaneously look past the surrealistic design and storyline, then the Tricky Mod is entertaining to play. The Tricky Mod user interface reverses the position of the arrows and health bar, compared to the original edition. The mod adds statistics like an accuracy percentage to involve the players even further.

The health meter functions in the same manner as the original FNF bar does. A green bar with a lever on the left side is a signal that you are winning at that moment. The arrows enter from the top of the screen in the Tricky Mod, instead of from the bottom like in the original game.

The Tricky Mod changes a few gameplay rules. Arrows with flames and halos damage your health, which means that to stay healthy you need to intentionally not hit those keys. The HP Gremlin is an NPC that brings your health down when around. Your view will get blocked when stop signs appear.

Who is Tricky FNF?

While Boyfriend and Girlfriend remain the same as in the original FNF version, the Tricky Mod pits the boyfriend up against a shape-shifting character, known as Tricky. Tricky is a monster that comes from the well-known series called ‘Madness Combat.'

The Tricky Mod includes cut scenes that can further engage players. The game starts with a text to let you know that you are in Nevada. Tricky the Clown then emerges from the rock to join you in a battle.

Tricky the Clown looks ghastly with a dark mask on during the ‘Improbable Outset’ battle, and his appearance does not get better during the next rounds either. The mask gets taken off in a violent cut scene to reveal his clown-like appearance for the ‘Madness’ round.

Tricky stays true to his name when he transforms into an entirely new look that is filled with fire during the ‘Hellclown’ round. Tricky becomes a skeleton figure during the ‘Expurgation’ rap battle.

Is Friday Night Funkin’ on mobile?

The Tricky Mod for Friday Night Funkin’ is not available on mobile phones. The Tricky Mod FNF is only available on desktop computers and laptops for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. Since the original developers of FNF received funding to continue the game development, a console and handheld version may become available.

This mod was created by Banbuds, Rozebud, KadeDev, and Cval. Moro, Jads, YinYanh, and Tsuraran contributed to the development as well.

A wild ride and battle

The Tricky Mod is one of the many Friday Night Funkin’ mods to include cut scenes that give more context to the gaming experience. While the game mechanics are like the original, the Tricky Mod introduces new elements that you get to learn, like special effect arrows, stop signs and gremlins. The Tricky Mod for FNF can be considered inappropriate due to the violence that is present.

What is new?

The Tricky Mod has a team of passionate developers that keep the mod up to date. The developers are creating new levels, which are known as weeks. The updates will include new battles for you to play.


  • Free
  • Cut scenes
  • Added statistics
  • New gameplay mechanics


  • Violent
  • Insensitive content towards women

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The Tricky Mod - Friday Night Funkin' for PC

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